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We're a profitable, YC-backed payments company. We help businesses including Pinterest, Spotify, and Atlassian incentivize value added behaviors (by users, employees, etc.) with financial rewards. We're looking for exceptional people to join our engineering and sales teams and, to be on-brand, here's a proposition: We'll donate $500 to a charity of your choice if you end up conducting a final round interview with us. Engineers, want to own full-stack features which impact big brands and millions of end-users? Sales, want to discover and close complex 6 to 8 figure deals with C-level counterparties? Apply!
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Fullstack Software Engineer (remote)

Posted 5 months ago

This is a rare opportunity to join a profitable YC-backed company with proven product-market fit (we’ve grown 400% this year), a distributed team, and well above market compensation.

At Tremendous, we help organizations incentivize people across the world, easily and instantly, with digital fina...