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We're an early-stage startup with a *very* experienced core team. We have a simple plan to take over the legal research space, tapping a $7 billion market. We've just joined the 2018 class of TechStars LA, and in the coming year we're poised for exponential growth. We believe in learning, growth, and life outside work. We need some very sharp people to tackle what we've got ahead. It'll be fun, challenging, and potentially very lucrative. (Hey, no shame, we like money too.) Right now we've simply got more work than hands, so we're looking for some really great early hires to help us ride this crazy wave to the top.
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Lead Backend Engineer

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Trellis is a fully funded startup innovating in legal tech! We are taking over the legal research space (trial court research and analytics) tapping a $10 billion market and in the coming year, we are poised for tremendous growth.