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Integrated remote dose monitoring system for thermo-sensitive medications

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- Internet Of Medical Things is one of the ways technology helps healthcare system to understand and satisfy patient needs
- Tredomo is a unique digital health invention that shall fulfill this role for millions worldwide in an impactful way
- Tredomo Inc. is a Delaware corporation operating from San Francisco,Ca, USA

To improve millions of lives and save billions of dollars through providing an impactful integrated solution, to help healthcare system to know what they should do, and patients to get what they should have

- Dive-deep in the problem exploring it’s caves and learning how dark the current situation is
- Identify Tredomo’s virgin market and understand it’s complex needs
- Network meaningfully on all levels with true partnership spirit
- Master our Tredomo, through continuous learning and development seeking perfection
- Provide customized and need-satisfying versions to cover all target markets
- Scale-up to market leader
- Payback to ecosystem

- With just a proof of concept, Paid pilot with the No.1 selling pharmaceutical medication worldwide
- Two functional prototypes and a third is in final development phase with amazing features
- Notable interest from a Saudi incubator and global US-based healthcare accelerator
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CTO for IOMT Startup