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Dominic Lewis

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Co-founder @tray.io, previously founded and scaled digital agency, winning international brands. Studied International Business Management and Economics

Ali Russell

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Co-Founder & CTO of @tray.io, Masters in CS, Research Fellow for UK MoD & Collaborated with Tim Berners Lee @ MIT through WSRI

Rich Waldron

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CEO @tray.io Product obsessive. @AngelPad Alumni


Toby Hunter

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Lead Analytics @tray.io. Formerly Partnerships Analytics @Twitter. Love data, strategy, product, sports and the outdoors. London via New Zealand.

David Levy

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Employee #15 at Apteligent (acquired by VMware). Started my career at EY in their Asset Management practice. I'm also a CPA.

Benjamin Wu

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Scaling up our go-to-market team at Tray

Alberto Giorgi

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Brais Piñeiro Fraga

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Working at tray.io. Experience with Full-Stack development: MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, NodeJS, ReactJS & Native, Android, Arduino and more

Kyle Hutchison

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Both full time and contract work at prominent public and private companies @tray.io @Newton @Zendesk @Manifest @Yammer @Microsoft @Marin Software @Everlane

Simone Fabiano

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Scala and TypeScript as current favorites, quickly proficient in new languages and paradigms. I just love to code

Joe Burrow

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HR, Talent & Operations partner who's nous is highly valued in supporting & understanding critical decision making in the Technology & Start-up spaces.

Luciano Marucco

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An experienced HR & Talent professional with more than 10 years' experience helping Tech companies scale globally.

Andrew Jones

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Luka Furlan

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Systems engineer at tray.io

Jessen R

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Board members and advisors

Mike Chalfen

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Early stage tech investor. I invest my own capital , & partner closely & early with tech founders. Tray, Illumio, Houzz, King, Crate.io, Seal, Moog, Snyk, Vault

Former team

Kevin Van Gundy

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Bud Orebaugh

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