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Corporate Travel & Expense Management

Corporate Travel & Expense Management

Traveo is a fully automated cloud based software for business travel & expense management.
Basically, with Traveo booking business travel for employees of a company is as simple as just specifying when they need to reach their destination location/s and until what time they need to remain in their destination location/s. With this information, Traveo plans the entire trip automatically, including:
1. Flights
2. Hotels
3. Buses
4. Cabs

And post final approval (the approval is also fully configurable in Traveo), Traveo automatically books the entire travel as well.

Traveo takes into account the following to automatically plan the trips:

1. Employee personal preferences
2. Company travel policy
3. Employee convenience
4. Total cost of the trip
5. Company preferred travel partners (e.g. Airlines, hotels etc. )

Traveo not only plans and books your travel automatically, it also prepares your expense reports automatically.

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