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Welcome to the first startup created to fix business travel. Join and help us to shape an industry!


We’re modernizing business travel and making travelers happy one trip at a time. Over the last 4 years, we’ve built an Online Travel Agency for business travel that lets travelers book for themselves within company policy.

How are we doing it?

Strong focus on TECH - we are working on a simple, efficient and scalable system that helps businesses with business trips.
Obsession with culture - we are a real team, not just a bunch of people working on the same thing means we really care about each other.  
Really lean - we are competing with huge players so we need to be fast. 
Automation is king - we invested time in making everything from desktop to production as automatic as it can be so we can concentrate on creating an amazing product.

Our engineering values:

-We hire smart people, not stack experts.
-We never stop learning.
-We value impact over the effort.
-Well - scaled team: Just right people.

Our Methodology:

We are organized in Squads, into small multi-disciplinary teams, the members of the team sit together to optimize their productivity. The squads have full ownership of a piece of the Product strategy, with a long term vision that we adjust every quarter. The teams usually adopt Scrum or Kanban guidelines depending on the specific content of the goals they want to accomplish. We are also proud to have a mature Continuous Deployment approach that speeds up our contribution.

Perks and benefits

Health perks, choose between a private health scheme or gym allowance

Competitive compensation including equity in the company.

24 vacation days per year and flexible working hours

Fully stocked kitchen loaded with fresh fruit, snacks, + coffee

Udemy for business account

Free spanish classes

Yoga and meditation

Brand new office in the iconic torre glories

Flexible compensation plan to increase the net salary