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Travelkhana.com is the first India-wide meal booking platform connecting train travellers with restaurants on the Indian Railways network.

More than 3 billion meals are consumed by long-distance train travellers every year. Yet, access to food inside train coaches is a major challenge. Food vendors empanelled by the Indian Railways offer a limited choice of poor quality, un-hygienic and overpriced food. Pantry cars are known for abysmal food preparation quality and service. What is unique is that Travelkhana’s platform tracks train running information to insure meal delivery at the right time, at the right seat, fresh and ready to eat. The entire process is managed by a completely automated workflow that sends real time reminders to passengers as well as restaurants so that the entire process can happen smooth and fast.
Besides Trains, Travelkhana is also planning similar venture in the food for bus as well as air travelers.
Travelkhana is a pioneer in its segment and more stuff can be found at our media page travelkhana.com/travelkhana/jsp/media.jsp.

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1. A friendly atmosphere where emphasis is on providing independence of thought to the employees
2. Participate on overall company direction and policies and being able to approach your management for discussion and ideas around the same.
3. Environment where you can apply your technical ideas to reality
4. Be a part of explosive growth early on.