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Social Travel Network

Social Travel Network

Travelhey is a social travel network making it possible to seek real time and referred connections every place you travel. It also provides a convenient way to share your location within specified groups or with people who matter, all within the privacy settings of the user. The in-app chat helps to communicate instantly with old and new connections. The simple dashboard makes it easier and fun to use on the go. 

The app starts with making location sharing convenient for users. Backed by multiple levels of privacy and a social network interface, an user can safely update their location to respective people or groups he chooses to and in return get referred connections from his own network.  The tag line of the concept is ' Near time updates for real time suggestions' which automatically opens doors to huge possibilities in terms of user engagement and revenue generation; also unique data creation for the first time and a strengthening factor for generating customized ads for users. 

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