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TraveDoc connects highly skilled and vetted doctors with traveling patients globally.

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Customer focus – professional relationships – technically support

Customer focus:
When you are away from the comforts of home and you become ill, it is the most stressful time to find medical assistance when you don’t know where to turn. TraveDoc is about taking that additional stress away from travelers, overcoming the challenges to finding the right expertise, in the right language, in the right location.

TraveDoc is simply about changing the patient’s access to quality healthcare no matter where they are in the world – it’s a security blanket. However, it is also about changing the patient’s approach to finding healthcare from subjective advice from local people they ask, or friends, to objective medical-led advice, from handpicked specialists and physicians, who are vetted and invited to join the program. This is what makes TraveDoc innovative. 

Professional relationships
TraveDoc is not a list of doctors. It is a network on hand-selected, vetted healthcare professionals who have the academic and personal attributes to make a difference. Naturally, I’m often met with skepticism when I arrive at a doctor’s office. They are expecting a salesman, but while I am driven, and can be persuasive, I’m also a trained physician. I understand the issues they face. I relate to their every day work. I know the sacrifices they have had to make. This professional creditability has created some fantastic relationships.

But while I’m selling a concept to physicians, I’m also looking for certain attributes that will make a difference in delivering quality healthcare to the patient: education, professional expertise, professional membership, foreign healthcare exposure, training abroad, and the list goes on.

Technically supported:
The pace of life gets faster and faster. Technology is helping us the deliver through mobile and web-based services designed to create a virtual doctor in your pocket – eventually the vision is for an element to become

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