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live Google-Earth in motion

live Google-Earth in motion

Transparent Sky’s flying (aerial) camera, image-processing and communication system makes a map-like view in live motion, of many city blocks at a time. This system can be launched and recovered in minutes, with little to no training, and outputs are viewed on handheld devices and shared with large networks. For example, a policeman can know everything that’s happening over several city blocks in minutes in a tense situation, rather than wait for a helicopter that may take too long and see too little. City planners can observe traffic flows over large areas, and spectators can choose how they wish to enter/exit stadiums, or even to view large-area sporting events like skiing. System comes complete in a small box and works within the proposed FAA guidelines for drone operation.

Customer: private and government security companies, sports organizations and other large event sponsors who plan traffic, and even individual hobbyists who are spectators. City/state/federal police.

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