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Decentralized Biomedical Data Sharing Platform

Senior Back End Developer

$120k – $195k • 0.5% – 2.0%
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¥ Lead development of Translo’s data sharing platform. Responsible for implementing new protocol features, creating a data integration layer that converts electronic health records to a standardized (HL7’s FHIR) format.
¥ Develop solidity smart contracts that implement core aspects of Translo’s platform and integrate with Translo’s client. 

¥ Contribute to the architecture, design, and implementation of Blockchain systems for data sharing with key focus in the areas such as consensus, distributed ledger, data integration, and smart contracts
¥ Work with security auditors to thoroughly test client software and smart contracts and implement fixes. 

¥ Work closely with founding team and open source collaborators on planning and designing technical architecture. 


No need to have expertise in everything below, but must have passion to learn. Ideal candidate has experience with smart contract development, security analysis, integrating electronic healthcare records data from EPIC, CERN etc. to a standardized HL7’s FHIR format, and solid javascript experience. Self- driven in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. 


¥ Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent practical experience. 

¥ Strong experience with systems software development. 5+ years of Rust/Go/C/C++ experience, 
ideally on distributed systems. 

¥ Strong experience in Solidity development and JavaScript. 

¥ Comfort with modern software practices (code reviews, continuous integration, etc.) 


• C++
• Javascript,
• Distributed Systems
• TypeScript
• Ethereum
• Solidity
• Rust
• Go
• API’s


¥ Open source development 

¥ DevOps deployments 

¥ Security analysis of smart contracts 

¥ Cryptography techniques e.g. differential privacy, multi-party computation, homomorphic 


Depends on experience level but highly generous mixture of salary and equity. We believe the first employees of a startup provide critical DNA so this will be a highly competitive process, but we also believe in taking care of those who are with us from the beginning. In addition, we foster personal growth by regularly hosting social and educational activities.


If you are interested please send your CV and cover letter to info@translo.com and if there is a match we will get back to you! 

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