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The best way to create a podcast for your business.

The best way to create a podcast for your business.

Instead of spending money on podcast ads, businesses like Basecamp, eBay, and Code Pen are using branded podcasts to reach their audience.

Most podcast hosting apps are for podcasters.

Our plan isn't to focus on podcasters. Instead, we're targeting businesses who want a podcast.

These days, businesses have a bunch of boxes to check.

"We need a..."
✅ Blog
✅ Twitter
✅ YouTube
☑️ Podcast

Increasingly, "a podcast" is being added to that list.

Our goal? Make Transistor the best way for a business to create a podcast.

Currently, we offer podcast hosting. The user uploads their MP3, adds show notes and artwork, and we generate a podcast episode. This is syndicated via RSS, iTunes, and on their podcast website.

Justin Jackson

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I'm building @Transistor.fm with Jon Buda, and I run @MegaMaker.

Jon Buda

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Founder of @Transistor.fm. Previously Cards Against Humanity / Blackbox.

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