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Unlock the value in your data

Unlock the value in your data

Scaling business means transforming technology to unlock the value in data, but how do you ensure that data continues to be used correctly? Correct is a hard concept: lawyers and compliance officers have contracts and policies that spell it out, but technology teams speak in code and schemas. When these two sides don’t communicate, business can't grow. Developers should be free to focus on applications, compliance owners able control to set their policies, and businesses confident to transform and grow.

Tranquil Data is building transparent software that proactively validates applications in test and enforces business rules in production by building a meta-data model about operational data. That model surfaces unique insights about how data is used across applications, teams and databases. It fills in the missing context that lets technology and business owners communicate clearly and effectively.

Seth Proctor

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Co-Founder & CEO @Tranquil Data. Formerly CTO @NuoDB. Experienced systems architect and implementor. Always product and customer first.

Peter Shah

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Co-Founder & CTO @Tranquil Data, formerly Senior Engineer @NetApp. Experienced data management & storage architect, implementor, and technologist.

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