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We are a self-funded start-up in travel domain. Founded by ex-IITians, Trainman is a lean organization. We believe in one man, multiple role kind of thing. There is some overlap in the work done by all, but a clear ownership is defined for all products and subproducts.

We have great product with excellent growth. Our customer-base is loyal and huge (5 lakh daily unique visits) with nearly 50% repeat ratio and is growing day-by-day. We are already running profitable.

We focus not only on the company's growth but individual growth as well. Apart from the regular work, everyone here is supposed to pick a course of his choice (preferable online course) and pursue it on a regular basis. When one course is finished you need to start another.

We are managing a huge online traffic for both site and apps. Our site/app is fast and responsive with zero downtime. We are constantly adding loads of new features to our product. Anyone who loves products with huge scale would love working here!

We are building a prediction model from a big data-set using machine learning techniques. We are also constantly experimenting with the models to increase the prediction accuracy. We are also applying other data mining techniques on the huge data to find some interesting trends which can add value to the product. User personalization of our product is another area in which we are working.

At Trainman we are welcome to new ideas. Everyone here has freedom to explore new tools and technologies.

We work on flexible timings. All employees have clear visibility with zero red-tapism. And yes whenever we ship anything new to our user, we celebrate!
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Software Engineer

Software Engineer (Backend)

Posted 3 months ago

Our software developer for backend role would be required to constantly work on building new features in backend as per discussion with the product team. Apart from regular backend work he should be working to make our wait-list prediction more accurate. He should experiment with new Machine...