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A 2 day transformative conference of iconic mentors and ambitious individuals

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From social entrepreneurs to data scientists, corporate giants to visionary artists, tech wizards to warrior monks,Trailblazers Summit is a pool of humanity's greatest minds, brought together by a common desire to share their wisdom with the Trailblazers of tomorrow and push humanity to greater heights. As a new cub entering the Trailblazers tribe, you should know our culture: 1) Our purpose is positively transforming the lives of 500 ambitious individuals that will attend our event. We help them get mentorship and direction in life; creating this massive positive impact inspires us to shed blood, sweat and tears to make sure everything is perfect. 2) We are a startup with flat hierarchy system. If you're work is good and you are passionate about our purpose, you will be given power to take major decisions. If you are lazy and/or dumb, we will fire you immediately. 3) We are a tribe of super ambitious, jugaadu, compassionate people. We never give up, always have each others backs and love building things and solving problems. Apply only if you have the same fire in your belly and softness in your heart.
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Business Development Manager (sales)

Work with our marketing head and oversee + achieve the ticket sales and sponsorship targets we have set for the event.

You will also be working as temporary HR and managing our employees within the organisation for peak productivity.