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The smart daily checklist for effortless operations

The smart daily checklist for effortless operations

At its simplest, Trail is a daily list of tasks for multiple teams with an initial focus on Hospitality & Retail. When connected to other software and services, Trail becomes the central operational hub for an entire organisation.

1. Teams are frustrated and wasting time on overwhelming admin
2. Enterprise software is siloed and hard to use: valuable data is lost
2. Growing businesses lose visibility and consistency in operational standards

1. A daily Trail of tasks to follow one by one, step by step
2. Operational software & services integrated into bite-size actions
3. Tasks cascaded from the top down with real-time completion reporting

1. Less admin means more time for customers which drives better sales
2. Lower margin for error in critical procedures: critical actions are completed on time, every time
3. End to paper-based & emailed forms: centrally managed operational standards are quick and effective to implement, driving organisational compliance

Wil Grace

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Co-founder & Product Director at Trail

Joe Cripps

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Founder Trail • Studied at @York University

Growth Marketing Manager

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