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Quantitative Developer

$80k – $150k • No equity
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In general, we need hard working and smart people. Working hours can be 80+ hours per week sometime. Don't just go employed, go to be part of the most technologically advanced hedge fund in digital asset management, don’t go gentle into that good night. Some people tried and they failed, but we love our culture here. We seek same people like us.

What we have: PB+ data, 1k+ models, k+ threads at your command, some of the smartest people in the industry, now we cover 2%+ of all trading volume of real exchanges(spot/future/options/etc.), and this is an industry that grows 5x per year.

What we need: more models, more clean data, more management skills

Followed is the longer version.

We are looking for Quantitative Developer to help build trading systems and trading tools used in the management of Trade Terminal’s digital asset portfolio.

As a Quant Developer, you will use your skills to:
- Contribute to architecture design of Trade Terminal’s Order and Execution Management System
- Work closely with traders and trading strategists to develop and enhance Trade Terminal’s sophisticated library of order execution algorithms
- Develop and operate low latency real time market data feed system
- Develop and manage order execution system that connects to 50+ exchanges
- Analyze historical trade data generated from trading activities, specifically focus on liquidity, market impact and trade performance
- Build real time visualization tools to monitor Trade Terminal’s portfolio and trading activities

As a Quant Developer, you will need:
- Mastery of C++, Golang or a similar low-level language
- Experience with Python, Nodejs, MongoDB
- Experience using SQL, pandas, Spark or similar data processing tools
- Experience developing in low-latency systems, RPC, IPC, Rest, Ws, etc...
- Experience with computer security is a plus
- Experience in cryptocurrencies is a plus
- Experience with distributed systems is a plus
- Excellent knowledge of software engineering best practices (e.g.: Agile software development, test-driven development, unit testing, code reviews, design documentation, etc…)
- Excellent team working skills and communication skills
- Enjoy working with a lean team in a fast paced environment

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