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Sash Catanzarite

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Cofounder @Tradesy. Designer, reader, runner. Obsessed with user experience.
Founder and CEO of Tradesy. Hopelessly devoted to collaborative consumption. Bootstrapper extraordinaire.


Lizbeth Martinez

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Ajey Dheenrajappa

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Built successful full-stack PoCs(Java, JS, JQuery, MySQL) for Oracle Commerce product presentations. Worked across 6 major clients in TCS. LAMP at Tradesy too!

Daniel Law

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Data Scientist at Tradesy. Amherst College CS and Math, studied abroad at Oxford University. Extensive research experience. Worked on recsys, pricing.

Samiyah Hudson

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Born & Raised in The Bahamas. Studied in New York. Currently living in Los Angeles. Love my startups. Always up for a challenge of building from the ground up.
Recruiting @Tradesy

Jacob Masga

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Started my career in marketing. I shifted to Product Marketing at Viddy and Fullscreen, discovering my love for Product. Currently in Product at Tradesy.

Hunter Nelson

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Outgoing and detail oriented professional, adept at producing highly quality analysis, as well as maintaining strong relationships with customers and colleagues

Dmitriy Labitov

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Engineering Manager @Tradesy

Oumar Wone

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Ashton Wall

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@Santa Clara University Alum. Started my career in ecomm. Found my true love at the intersection of tech and fashion. Marketing Director @Tradesy

Oumar Wone

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Founded Joimo (sold to VAVi), worked at Sometrics (sold to Amex), founded Pitpons & FindSportsNow (closed doors), Engineering at Tradesy. B.S. Comp Sci @ FSU.

Christina Hong

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Board members and advisors

2nd non-founding engineer at @LinkedIn => Engineer at @Google => Early engineer at @Factual => Partner at @Susa Ventures.

John Doerr

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Investor @Nextdoor @Citrus Lane, @Mixbook, @MyFitnessPal, @GemShare, experience at KPCB, Google, eBay/PayPal
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Former team

Julia Kim

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Alex Wills

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Robert Manukyan

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James Timmins

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Amar Singh

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Jeff Doan

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