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I've developed a few trading strategies which when further refined will extract a good amount of the available volatility available in markets. Based on past behaviour of assets or even merely based on statistical (reversal) tendencies, assets are held for only as long as is deemed optimal. Emphasis on raking in modest profits short term rather than long term gambling on a future upside that may or may not happen.

I don't like to work alone. Needed is a soundboard, someone to join in building spreadsheets, testing protocols, running statistical analysis, etc.

Objective is to get as close to as ideal a performance from a strategy and then work on it for only a limited amount of time per day. The strategies favour walking away from the screens for a while. Trading signals will vary from once every few minutes to maybe once every week or longer. Asset hopping, if you will, at various frequencies and amplitudes.
I've uncovered an overlooked layer of volatility which adds a few X per year.
And no need to stick with a dying market, get out before most of the losses happen and only get back in when an asset or market is back into favourable behaviour.

Trading is all about risk vs reward. We'll each take our own risks, but work together to get as much reward for the risk we're willing to take.

Should the end product be extremely reliable with limited returns, it may call for a more formal cooperation and bring in big funding. If it's more a high reward for modest capital type of product, we might as well keep it for ourselves and live exceedingly well.