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GPS Tracking for Cats and Dogs



Michael Lettner

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CTO Hardware & Services + Co-Founder at Tractive GmbH. Worked at @UAS Hagenberg, @emporia, @Qualcomm


Christian Indra

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Tech-Lead with a proven track record of successfully building and leading development teams for high pace companies in the last 10 years.

David Kvick

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Marketing & Business Consultant Graduate, Marketing Manager in Cyber-security startup, Cognosec, with a an eye and appreciation for design.

David Kvick

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Marina Fouto

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Marlene Kampelmüller

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Head of Human Resources at Tractive

Delphine Finel

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Working with friends, learning every day, choosing my path, celebrating success and hard work together; this is how I'll describe my experience at Tractive.

Clemens Kaar

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Laura Köglberger

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lived in Linz, Sevilla and Salzburg 2012 - 2015 PHDL - BEd. 2016 - 2018 FH Salzburg MA. Social Innovation 2017-current Talent Scout at Tractive
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Board members and advisors

Harold Primat

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Christian Kaar

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CTO Mobile & Co-Founder @Runtastic

Rene Giretzlehner

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CTO & Co-Founder @Runtastic
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Former team

Barbara Indra

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Gabriel Bueno

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Andreas Schuster

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Christoph Anderl

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Gregor Pichler

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