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Explode Your Startup Growth & Revenue

Explode Your Startup Growth & Revenue

“Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don’t have a good distribution strategy.” ― Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz. Traction Conf runs events in different cities bringing founders and leaders from the fastest growing companies to share insights on how to get, keep, and grow customers, users and revenue at scale. More info: tractionconf.io

Alex Popa

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Co-Founder and CEO at Boast Capital and Plug and Play Canada

Ray Walia

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Co-Founder & CEO Launch.vc & LaunchAcademy.ca, Co-Founder, and Director at SportsTech.io, Co-Founder at Victory Square.com, Co-Founder of TractionConf.io

Lloyed Lobo

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Co-founder at Boast.AI & Traction Conf

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