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Software for food delivery (YC W15) Powering MobyDish

Software for food delivery (YC W15) Powering MobyDish

Trackin is a turnkey solution for intra-city delivery with a main focus on food delivery.

- an online ordering system for pickup, deliveries and catering when it comes to food businesses. Compatible with any website and can be added in less than 3minutes. Highly customizable.
- a delivery management software to simplify and optimize delivery management. Trackin also integrates orders from third parties like Grubhub and eat24 to centralize data and deliveries.
- an app for drivers to guide them, geolocate them and checkout the consumer
- Multiple levels of reporting to help SMBs and chains identify weaknesses and improvements possible for their delivery service.

Revenue Growth : 40% MoM since July 2015 and we're now profitable! TAM is $77Billion

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Founder @Trackin, @MobyDish, @Y Combinator alumni. Ex @cater2-me and @HealthTap