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Traansmission is a web portal for freight brokers and carriers. This portal enables private freight exchange in real-time. The mobile app is for carriers on-the-go to select freight, as well as inform their brokers, customers, and dispatchers as to their current location For Freight Brokers and Carriers, as much as 55% of their times goes to placing already committed freight Traansmission is a suite of transportation tools that reduces time spent covering, tracking and delivering freight. That increases the value to brokers, allowing them to offer loads based on where their carriers are, rather than where they think their carrier is.  Unlike existing offerings which simply post a broker’s loads online with no location-based awareness, Traansmission increases broker’s productivity by placing freight based on a carrier’s location, reducing time-to-fill costs

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CTO @Traansmission. MS in Computer Science, Columbia University. Entrepreneur and Full-Stack developer.

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Angel Investor, Outdoor Enthusiast, 3x Army Combat Vet
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