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The mobile phone re-imagined for kids



Audry Hill

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Entrepreneur. Founder and Creative Director @ Toymail Co. • Studied at @University of Michigan
Founder Toymail Co, @Nanda Home • Worked at @Apple • Studied at @MIT• Brought Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away to market out of MIT.


Ana Oliveira

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Connor Wray

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Sean Hummel

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Head of Sales at Canary

Sean Hummel

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Results-focused professional with 18 years experience in high-growth environments and industries. Directly led the build out of teams, practices and programs.

Board members and advisors

Tom Cohen

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Co-Founder @Tari Labs • Co-Founder @Immunity Project • CEO @Sparkart • Investor @L., @Gyft, @Flexport , @Bellabeat, @Toymail, @Next Caller - YC Alum (W14)
Translating research to practical applications. University spinouts, innovation, entrepreneurship, funding strategy.
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Former team

Samir Roy

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Marla Kent Bogaerts

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Marta Thomas

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Alessandra Newton

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Rahath Marisetti

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Matt Bonaccorso

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