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Photography Intern

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We're a start-up, backed by Amazon, Verizon and Y Combinator, building the next revolution of smart toys. Check us out at toymail.co.

We are looking to fill a key position of our creative team. Are you super-smart? Are you self-motivated? Does the idea of growing with a start-up company that creates highly innovative consumer products, becoming a critical member of its operational team appeal to you?

While experience is important, we are ultimately looking for someone entrepreneurial, smart, and hungry with creative smarts. You will be working alongside our team to create images and graphics to be used for social media, campaigns and in helping to build our Toymail brand language.

Please provide a few sentences of what you seek in an internship.

Ideally you are located in/around New York.


Please include the below information and provide a few sentences of what you seek in an internship and what drew you to Toymail. Also, send your portfolio link and a resume in PDF form.

a) What is your earliest start date, and what is your end date?
b) How many hours would you like to work per week?
c) Our office is located in Soho in NYC. Are you able to come into the office on some days and work remotely on other days?
d) Can you use your own laptop, Photoshop and Illustrator?
e) Are you looking for credit, or pay or open to different arrangements? If you are looking for pay can you give us a sense of your expectations?

Internship Pay: TBD


-The student will build their photography portfolio, increase their video editing and shooting skills, and learn to build and develop brand language. This training is similar to the learning a student would get in a high level commercial photography or branding college class.

-The student will receive mentor-ship from our CEO and Creative Director in commercial photography and editing, and business development of a startup

-The student will be able to sit in on team meetings and contribute ideas to high level development

-The student will be able to pitch projects to the co-founders and learn to develop their ideas in a professional setting

-The student can gain experience in an office / startup setting in a field relevant to their major

-The student will develop their professional communication skills and receive resume and cover letter support

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Founder Toymail Co, @Nanda Home • Worked at @Apple • Studied at @MIT• Brought Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away to market out of MIT.

Audry Hill

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Entrepreneur. Founder and Creative Director @ Toymail Co. • Studied at @University of Michigan

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