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Personalised learning and development in the early years

Personalised learning and development in the early years

Tot Tok is an app built for early childcare centres. The parent app provides real-time updates to parents on their child's development and progress whilst the educator app helps early childcare centres handle compliance and paperwork. Educators are required to record almost everything including nappy changes, meals and sleep, now they can do it in an app and the information is stored in the cloud. We also help educators plan and record the childrens activities. By combining this data with the early years learning framework we can track children's development progress against the curriculum and discover interests, strengths, gaps early on in those crucial years. All of this information is also available in the parent app in the form of a dashboard and notifications. Parents can communicate with educators via the daily checkin sheet.

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Ankita Mehta

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Founder @TotTok (www.tot-tok.com) - Every Child Matters.Each Moment Counts. • Worked at @Cisco