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Entrepreneurial Tech Lead / Developer Full-stack

$59k – $60k • 1.0% – 10.0%
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• Building a front-end MVP from Scratch: We are looking for someone who loves to build from scratch and wants to be part of every part of the business. One day, you are discussing the technical features, while the next day you are getting in touch with Rose’s customer's needs. You should be comfortable working under uncertainty and motivated to find answers to our challenges.

• Customer-first: We believe our clients are our main focus. You will work closely to the General Manager by always focusing on the customer. You should feel comfortable talking to non-technical team members and even to early adopters of our product and services. Finally, you should be opened and vigilant for the client’s feedback, because we want to improve the experience in the best possible way.

• Strategic: You’ll be part of the strategic decisions within the company and should be open to help and work with other companies within the holding group, Emma. You must be good at analyzing numbers and identifying trends to make data-driven decisions.

• Back end architecture understandings: You should understand how the data is structured in the server so you can improve the API development for your needs.

• Leadership: As an early-stage startup, you will be in charge of recruiting and structuring the technical team. We want a leader capable of bringing new talent to the company and developing amazing talent within the company. We believe leaders should be patient and willing to help their team members to solve complex challenges. We believe in leaders who lead by action.

3+ years of experience
Frontend developer
2+ years of experience
UI Design
1+ year of experience
Agile Methodologies
Unit Testing
Must have potential to develop
CLI Commands
Automating Tasks

• Some of the hard and soft skills will help you succeed in this role are:
• A learning mindset.
• The ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.
• Strong communication skill specifically with non-technical teams.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Creative problem-solving skills.
• Being entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and energetic.
• Being comfortable getting your hands dirty and implementing your own ideas.
• Being inquisitive.
• Being able to set ambitious goals and meet project deadlines.
• Being adaptable to constant change.
• Being able to give and receive candid feedback
• Native English speaker or C1 level certification.

Language(s) required
English - Fully-fluent
• Choosing our technology stack, both for our back end and front end.
• Develop the product to use Material design framework and implement it.

About the organization(s)
At Rose Global, we believe payroll should be solved by implementing great software. Teams should be able to offer a great experience to their team members when it comes to payroll. Teams should be able to hire across different countries without worrying about legal jurisdiction. Team members should understand how their compensation work and have the best experience regarding their paycheck.

Rose Global is a startup born from the payroll process implemented at Emma Holding (a technology holding group with companies such as Bunny Studio, Voice123, and Torre). Emma has a remote culture and therefore it hires around 100 people in more than 15 countries. Rose currently manages the payroll from the companies within the holding group. The company has the financial and strategic support from Emma’s shareholders as well as the shared knowledge from each company’s leadership.

Our current team:
You will be working side by side with the General Manager and a Full Stack Engineer, understanding the business model’s hypothesis and mostly the clients’ needs as they come. You’ll have full ownership of technical decisions and will have the support from other technical leaders as well as other C-Level members from sister companies inside Emma.

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