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We're looking for a skilled and driven software engineer to join our team to help in the continued development of our mobile application, TopTile, already out on both Google Play and Apple Appstores.


TopTile lets the user take content from all their favourite websites and put them into a single newsfeed which they control. Currently, every newsfeed the user spends time on is organised via a black-box algorithm which the user never gets to see. These algorithms are dangerous and manipulative. TopTile gives the power back to the user to create their perfect feed of data no matter what kind; articles, videos, streams, products, news etc.

We currently have active users, a marketing team, and ongoing development. We're looking for the right applicant to join us in our mission to fix the problems with newsfeeds.

No agency or recruiter applications on behalf of a candidate.

The Ideal Applicant

Experience as a full Stack Engineer and knowledge of our tech stack is preferred (but since we’re still early stage this will likely change as the product evolves). As long as your fundamentals are solid then we’re more interested in your ability to learn new things and act autonomously.
Our current tech stack includes:
React Native
SQL Database (PostgreSQL)
Redis backed job queue
Dokku for PaaS
Digital Ocean for cloud infrastructure

Please apply if you fit these requirements for the opportunity to help fix everything we hate about newsfeeds.

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Founder of TopTile - the ultimate newsfeed. Monash University Economics Grad. Passionate problem solver and driven entrepreneur. HSF Startup School graduate.

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Intelligent Media Aggregator

TopTile focuses on Mobile Application and News. Their company has offices in Melbourne. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.toptile.co or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.