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We are revolutionising the way dating happens.

Why traditional dating does not work?
- Girl doesn't feel safe providing her information on a "dating" website
- Guy does not find girls for dating - all the profiles are either of call girls or prostitutes
- Both guys and girls do not enter correct information
- Trust and Privacy are two sides of the same coin and both are sub-optimal in dating websites

Why "Tomonotomo" is better?
- Tomonotomo is short for "tomodachi no tomodachi" which is japanese for "Friends of Friends". You see only profiles of friends of friends and only friends of friends see your profile.
- You contact the people you like in three ways: Ask friend to introduce, Contact friend of friend directly, and Just mention that you secretly admire a friend of friend. If he/she also feels the same way, we will connect you two over email
- Since, explicity or implicitly, there is always a common friend involved, the system ensures more safety, trust and friendliness

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