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A couple of years ago I had an idea. I was lucky enough to be able to self fund the build and take the product to market. Having been around the block, I recognise that I now need help. Fresh blood, perspective and expertise is required to get that initial client traction and scale the business (with or without funding). I am looking for someone to join me on that journey as being a sole founder can be lonely sometimes!

You can see all about the business at togetherdom.com, but basically it is a marketplace to bring together local people who need services with local people who can perform those services. Anything from cleaners to maths tutors. The market is extremely fractured at the moment and ripe for disruption.

Please ensure that you have experience of scaling a business and ideally have helped your prior businesses through early stage funding rounds.
I am more than happy to share equity with someone who 'brings the rain', salary can be built in subject to revenue milestones and/or future capital raises.

If you want to hear more and think you have what it takes, just drop me a line. Would love to hear from people who have taken a career break and want to get back into the market on their terms too!