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We help teachers do better what they do best - teach!



Worked at Toddle, Toddle

Parita Parekh

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Building the largest teacher network globally | Recruiting for Content Marketing roles | Brown University | Stanford University

Deepanshu Arora

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Building technology to support 21st Century Teachers | Recruiting for Growth, Marketing, and Sales roles | Ex-McKinsey | IIT Kanpur


Arti Mishra

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Miftah Jafary - Toddle

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Mridul Chandolia

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A multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator.

Chaitanya Shah

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Worked at Toddler's Den. Went to Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication

Ramiz Memon

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Worked at Toddler's Den, Openxcell Technolabs

Ashish Kumar Singh

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Gautam Arora

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Founder @Toddle • Worked at @Sprinklr

Misbah Jafary

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Worked at Toddle, Toddle

Former team

Ekta Mehta

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