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Real Time Total Monthly Cost of home ownership for your Lifestyle

Real Time Total Monthly Cost of home ownership for your Lifestyle

TLCengine is an AI SaaS platform for automating the process of home buying like "Common Application" does for college application. The platform is an enhancement that provides MLSs, Realtors, Home buyers and Mortgage Originators with deep insights into the “True Lifestyle Cost” of owning a specific home. The platform qualify buyers by taking into the account the FICO, down payment, house variables (HOA, Predictive taxes) and insurance or PMI to the underwriting process which ensure the buyers have enough money left over to live their lifestyle and conform to many loans. This reduces the UAC for all parties and increases the home buying process down to 15 days. . A professional search platform with proprietary algorithms taking into account 100+ variables to deliver a better cost analysis than competitive systems at a reduced deployment price and better user experience.The platform allows consumers to shop for homes by being fully pre-approved for mortgage and shop like a cash buyer.

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Krishna Malyala

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Krishna Malyala,CEO@TLCengine or True Lifestyle Cost (TLC), White House Presidenitial Innovation fellow, VP of Technology @ Citi, Executive MBA, Patent Examiner