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Smart, Scalable insect farming

Smart, Scalable insect farming

We're the Apollo project for insect protein! Our product: a platform for the production and distribution of insects as commodity agricultural products. Insects are considered vital to our food system, their importance garnering attention from UN FAO and DARPA. Demand for food-grade insects is doubling annually, and insects are increasingly seen as an ideal component for animal feed. Current insect farms are inefficient and low volume, so insects are expensive and difficult to source. Our pilot facility demonstrates technology that can cut labor requirements in half, making our farm 13x more productive than a cattle feedlot. We’re using Silicon Valley grade data capture and analytics to identify efficiency bottlenecks, and improved habitat design and process automation to remove them.

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Jena Brentano

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Founder and CFO at Tiny Farms Inc. Founder and co-owner of Artichoke Jalapeno Design

Andrew Brentano

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Experienced founder and project starter applying design thinking to understand systems and build solutions that solve big real world problems.