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Tinvio is a stealth Rocket Internet venture

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Rocket Internet invests in and launches successful startup companies across the world. If scale and speed of execution excite you, and if you strive to launch products that matter to millions of users, a career or internship in a Rocket venture will be the right place for you. Tinvio is headquartered in Singapore.
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Country Manager (APAC Expansion)

Posted 7 months ago

Tinvio is built around the idea that every merchant and supplier should be able to work smarter. Through clean design, agile engineering, and genuine support, we optimise their operations with features that make them more productive and profitable. https://www.tinvio.com As a Country Manager,...


Product Marketing Manager

Posted 7 months ago

As a Product Marketing Manager / Growth Hacker, you'll be responsible for the strategic management, content development, end-to-end execution, and cross-functional stakeholder communications regarding all our digital marketing activities and their performance indicators. You will also partner...


Customer Success Associate (Intern / Full-time)

Posted 9 months ago

Job Description: As a Customer Success Associate, you will play a key role in delivering a human support experience to our partners, through excellent communication, creative problem-solving and a thorough knowledge of our technology. In doing so, you will also identify workflow and functioanlity...


Business Development Associate (Full-time / Intern)

Posted 6 months ago

Job description: As a Business Development Associate (Intern), you will run the ground in Singapore, driving market growth through acquisition, onboarding, and management of local merchants (restaurants, hipster cafes, gyms, cloud kitchens, cocktail bars, etc.) onto the platform. You will take...


Data Analyst (Full-time / Intern)

Posted 2 months ago

Job description: At Tinvio, we handle a lot of data that can tell us about the way our clients and partners communicate, transact, and manage their daily operations via our platform. As a Data Analyst, you are responsible for collecting, processing, and organising these data points to deliver...