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We are in the process of setting up the world's first, fully automated grocery e-commerce experience. The idea is to use some really powerful electronic devices and smart software to auto-magically manage your grocery supplies. PS: TinkerBees are a swarm of magical, intelligent, and hard-working digital assistants, with real-life electronic avatars. PS: They don't like being called 'things'! TinkerBees help you measure and quantify the world around you so that you could make better decisions. Like figuring out what you might be running out of in your kitchen, assisting you with your shopping, or simply reminding you to take your umbrella if it is about to rain outside. Now, they really love to travel far and fly wide. You will come across them at home, in office and even at a grocery store near you! They are pretty much like the Minions from the Despicable Me movies, but of course, way less humorous and a way lot better in doing what they have been individually trained to do

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Anupam Varghese

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Founder TinkerBee Innovations [IoT]. Ex-Head of Product @ Eko [Fintech]. Founded TinfoMobile [Mobile app & games studio]. Electronics & Comm engg @Nit Jalandhar
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