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Timeus is a new concept of blockchain

Crypto and blockchain community adhere to the ideals of independence and freedom. Also, it is clear that blockchain as a technology must be commercialized.

We believe that if we want blockchain to be adopted by the business we must provide an opportunity for the state governments to become a participant in the Timeus ecosystem. That is why any new network member must be verified.

Timeus is a verified blockchain and our goal is to obtain a legitimate recognition of smart contracts for transactions inside the Timeus environment. Governments will be able to collect taxes and get information about transactions. This is a compromise between freedom and control. So that business blockchainization will be started. You can build any application from logistics to data storage using Timeus base.

In other words, we consider blockchain not as a technology perceived by limited circles of IT adepts, but as a product useful for business and the state, clear and understandable for all parties.

Timeus main tasks

● To implement a cost-effective consensus algorithm, increase the number of transactions per second and reduce their cost;
● To implement an ideology of «private chain» that will allow business to fence off the information dump of current «public chains»;
● To provide a ready-made business solution all over the world, allowing to get a blockchain technology without hiring a team of special programmers.

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