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The world’s first platform for circadian shifting

The world’s first platform for circadian shifting

Timeshifter is the new frontier in health and performance with its revolutionary technology platform for circadian shifting that will solve large, previously unsolved circadian-linked problems. From helping travelers with jet lag and athletes with peak performance to helping shift workers with shifting work schedules and patients get better outcome from surgery and treatments. Last year, Timeshifter launched its first product — a jet lag app — which now helps 200,000+ travelers adapt to new time zones 3-4 times faster than normal. Based on 60,000+ questionnaires, only 3.62% now struggle with jet lag.

Dr. Steven Lockley

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Mickey Beyer-Clausen

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Danish-born, New York-based serial entrepreneur. www.timeshifter.com www.trunkarchive.com www.ascio.com

Tony Hanna

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Tony is co-founder of @Timeshifter and @Mental Workout and an award-winning user experience designer with a past of working with numerous world-class brands.

Jacob Ravn

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Jacob is the SVP of Innovation & Design of @mental Workout. His is an award-winning creative director and has worked with numerous world-class brands.


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