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Bringing history back to life

Bringing history back to life

History doesn’t change, but the way we experience history will.

TimeRiftTours allows users to change how they experience the past, taking them on a journey through time, not just physical space. Plunging them into a hyper-realistic VR simulation and letting them witness history as if they were really there!

By combining 3 key elements, TimeRiftTours is disrupting how we perceive, learn about and experience history:
1. high quality VR Simulations, easily controlled from the guide’s mobile phone
2. an intuitive platform for editing and customising content,
3. and a monetization engine to franchise tours

TimeRiftTours.com is comprised of three core founders from three differing but complementary disciplines. Professionally, our mix of skills helps us develop innovative products containing more than a touch of magic. Personally, our different backgrounds create a solid professional working atmosphere necessary for success
Digital change consultant, XR expert, startup co-founder, AI enthusiast and doting father
Founder TimeRiftTours.com and VRealTechnologies.Worked as 3DArtist at MatchMind and Telvent and as 3DProfessor (Zbrush and Videgames) at UEM,Trazos and Arteneo.

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