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James Beshara

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Angel Investor (Halo Top, Gusto, Thirdlove, more), Founder (YC; Tilt, acquired by Airbnb), Creator (Airbnb Music, Below The Line podcast).
Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor!


Worked at @Tilt.com

Lish Lee Jung (Avner)

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Shawn Henderson

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Growth at Tilt

Kev Zettler

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Senior lead web developer. Y Combinator Alumni. Serial Entrepreneur. Product engineer.

Claire McClendon

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James Newman

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Study at the University of Nottingham. Brand ambassador for Tilt

Ben Bright

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Proven track record for success in and out of the class room thanks to initiative and leadership skills. Co-Founder and business director for StuGig Corp.

Robyn Ross

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Kate Jennison

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Worked at Kate Saber, Tilt. Experience with Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, People Development. Went to Bachelor Of International Studies

John Fallone

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Dave King

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ex-academic, 8+ years industry experience, 4+ years managing ICs. I've love automated testing, CI/CD pipelines, and spaces where people can learn and play.

William Wolf

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Geek. Lover of technology, philosophy, voluntary exchange, and building the future.

Angie Habib

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Sara Hendrix

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Board members and advisors

Jeff Jordan

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Venture Capitalist at @Andreessen Horowitz.
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder At Pillow.com
Founder and CEO @ Zaarly.
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Former team

Connor Fitzgerald

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Tim Ryan

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Jareau Wadé

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Marek Zareba

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Anthony Grant

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Cameron Ross Steiner

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