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A collection of tamper-proof verifiable credentials proofing professional trustworthiness

senior back-end engineer excellent GO

£70k – £80k • % – 1.0%
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What we’re building

We believe the future is in empowering individuals with portable credentials to proof eligibility to opportunities and build their irrefutable professional reputation. We’re crafting ground-breaking software products adopting immutability and transparency of the Ethereum blockchain converting current biased decision-making processes into proof-based decisions. Sound interesting? Read on…….

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for an ambitious, tenacious person to join us as Senior Backend Engineer in London. To land this amazing opportunity, you'll have a minimum of 5 years experience in the role.
We speak Go and Angular Coming from a blockchain background would get you massive bonus points.

Skills: GO (5 yrs) , Server- Side programming, Ethereum, Docker, AWS, API design and development (5 yrs)

What you’ll do

• Writing code. Because writing code is cool!
• Help shaping a larger team pushed forward by a collaborative esprit
• White-boarding with collaborative people to architect shiny new features
• Make sure our code quality stays awesome
• Partnering closely with our frontend, IT security architect, and the product owner to define and build new releases

You have:

• You're passionate about learning. You care deeply about broadening your horizons and developing yourself
• You're cooperative and allow diverse perspectives to challenge your thinking
• You enjoy solving interesting problems. Do you love to be challenged and to find imaginative solutions?
• You're creative. You want a chance to have real influence over our products and our story. Do you like experimenting with the latest packages and having space to make big decisions?
• You like variety and think that boredom is the work of the devil. You have a passion for working on meaningful things
• You've got a strong team spirit and are loyal to the people who have your back
• You don't like being micromanaged or having a babysitter. Do you take pride in identifying problems and taking responsibility for solving them?
• You are aware of your own limitations. You accept feedback from people who care about your growth and happiness.

You are:

• You are cool under pressure and comfortable adapting to new circumstances in a dynamic and demanding work environment.
• You stay on top of details and timelines and communicate early and often with other stakeholders.
• Process-orientated. You get excited about creating processes. (It’s a peculiar taste, we know!) You love the idea of making yourself and your team more efficient and thus able to take on greater challenges over time.
• You form close working relationships with colleagues and partners based on kindness, understanding, and mutual respect.
• You put effort into whatever it is you take up and don’t like doing things (whether it’s school, work or hobbies) in half-measures.
• You put effort into whatever it is you take up and don’t like doing things (whether it’s school, work or hobbies) in half-measures.
• Client-focused. You enjoy talking to clients, problem solving, understanding their requirements and delivering a great solution for them.
• Emotionally intelligent. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and with varying levels of tech know-how (engineering, commercial, product, design). You are able to understand different points of view, motivations and thought processes, then arrive at a cohesive solution that aligns everyone’s objectives.
• A team-player. You've got the collaboration and teamwork skills required to succeed in this role
• You have a track record of being proactive in taking ownership of new items and thinking creatively to come to the best solution.
• Curious about tech automation. We deploy our solutions in technically complex environments.
• You have a desire to pursue an innovative and alternative legal career path

Where you will be working

Google for startup campus - London

Your Package

We are looking to engage on the longer term, you will be an essential part of the core team and will make the project grow with us. In addition to your fixed salary, you will enjoy an annual reward of 10% of your annual salary if milestones are achieved and you will see your salary increasing in year 2 and 3 if corporate's goal are achieved.

TiiQu at a glance

A collection of tamper-proof verifiable credentials proofing professional trustworthiness

TiiQu focuses on Identity, Blockchains, and Future Of Work. Their company has offices in London and United Kingdom. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://tiiqu.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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