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Blockchain Proof Engine



Wayne Vaughan

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CEO of @Tierion, dotcom veteran, blockchain pioneer.

Jason Bukowski

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Co-founder @Tierion • Software developer and systems architect.


Glenn Rempe

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VP of Engineering @Tierion. Core contributor to @chainpnt : https://tierion.com : https://keybase.io/grempe

Board members and advisors

Pierre-R. Wolff

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Veteran business strategist, startup advisor/mentor, and connector in the tech industry. Spending lots of time on Bitcoin/Blockchain initiatives of late.

Bart Stephens

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Blockchain specialist. Venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, technology executive. Princeton University.
Founder, Startup Management @startupmanage. CEO/Founder @Engagio, @Eqentia. ex- @Influitive . 30 yrs in high-tech. Ex-HP, Cognizant. Marketing & Strategy.

Former team

Pierre-R. Wolff

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Adam Evers

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Tom Kysar

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