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Investing, only better

Investing, only better

tickr is an impact investing app showing the world that you can make money and have a positive impact at the same time starting from just £5.

As with any good idea, tickr started with a problem: only wealthy people or big institutions could align their investments with the areas they cared about, paying huge fees to advisors to do so. There was no option for people who wanted to start investing, but wanted to do it in a way that mattered to them, without it costing the Earth. So, we created tickr to fill this void.

With tickr, it takes just a few minutes to get started. It is as simple as 3 steps:
1. Choose your favourite theme
2. Choose your risk level
3. Choose how much you want to invest

At tickr, we’ve broken down the barriers that historically has meant investing was for the rich. Instead, we’ve made it accessible to anyone with a bank account and £5 to invest. No more financial jargon, no more hidden fees and no more wealth restrictions.
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