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Thunderpod is aimed at making fitness fun and effortless. Designed to get people more active, our app uses 3D characters to represent your lifestyle. Walk, trek, hike or even go on a climbing trail to power up your pod. The more goals you achieve, the stronger your pod will get. And what’s best is that all of these goals are personalised and tailor-made according to your activity levels. You can then choose to compete with your friends and family in fun challenges to win coins. This cool currency can be redeemed at our Thundershop for exciting merchandise & deals. Sounds sweet? We think so too. Come, join in on the fun! Key Features Get goals personalised to your lifestyle Your goal is unique to you, it is calculated based on your walking history. Leaderboard Compete with your friends and see how they're performing. Challenges Earn coins by participating and winning challenges. Thundershop Use your earned coins to redeem cool merchandise like Ipads, Amazon Echo, JBL Speakers etc.

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