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Co-Founder / CTO

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We’re a creative, unconventional company looking for a creative, unconventional engineer to join us on our adventures.

** Your passionate about the arts.**
You’re not just a technician, you’re a creative. You may or not be an “artist” per se, but you understand the internal drive to create and know first-hand the struggle that comes from pursuing one’s art form.

**You’re scrappy and frugal**
You’re not all about the Benjamins. You believe that if you make a great product and keep happy customers, the money will naturally come.

**You want to build an amazing company that lasts**
You’re not looking for a quick exit strategy. You want to build the sort of ethical and sustainable company you’ve always wished existed.

**You’re meticulous about your work**
You’re the kind of person who, after building something great, takes a step back and wonders how you can make it better.

**You care about people**
You enjoy the presence of other human beings and genuinely care about their well-being. You feel totally fine around people who don’t look/think/talk like you.

**You’re confident and humble**
You’re firm in your convictions but also know full well that you don’t know it all. You’re more interested in finding the best ideas than being right.

**You are an excellent communicator**
Whether you’re typing or talking, writing an article or giving a speech– you’re a clear and confident communicator.


The tech choices below represent our goal of making everything as fast and lightweight as possible. An ideal candidate will have first hand knowledge of each of these and/or their corollaries.


• Preact
• Parcel
• Redux-Bundler
• Preact-i18n
• Firebase Hosting, Auth, and Storage
• GraphQl queries
• Google Maps API
• Google Timezone API
• Stripe.js
• Workbox
• Mailchimp (non-transactional emails)


• Node.js server running express and express-graphql (vanilla)
• PostGres DB with PostGIS extension (running on Google Cloud SQL)
• SendBird API (messaging)
• Stripe Connect platform
• Firebase Auth
• Firebase Storage
• knex.js
• CircleCI
• Mandrill (transactional email)


**Project Development**
We work in 6 week development cycles as laid out by the team at Basecamp (basecamp.com/shapeup). Potential candidates will need to read through this brief manual in order to get acquainted with the methodology. In short, it consists of 1) figuring out what to work on for the 6 week cycle 2) assigning responsibilities 3) reducing risks and 4) shipping on time.

Our company is 100% remote so you can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a solid internet connection.

We’re not fans of organized meetings and other non-essential interruptions, in fact we avoid them as much as possible. For the most part, our communication occurs asynchronously. We use Slack and ClickUp as our primary modes of communication, which we’ll provide you access to. That being said, we will occasionally have an impromptu video chat on Slack or Google if a topic is too complex to type out.

**Time Commitment**
Our platform is already built so the next 12-18 months will be spent maintaining, optimizing and adding a few new features so you should be able to commit, at minimum, 15-20 hours per week (of course, any emergent issues would need to be addressed immediately). This means that someone could maintain a PT job. That being said, the “ideal” candidate would be able to commit a full 40 hrs a week.

We’re a boot-strapped startup with a distaste for debt and keeping up with the Jones.’ We believe Threshold has a lot of potential, both from a business and cultural standpoint, but it will take some time to get there. With that in mind, you should have enough savings to live off of for at least 12-24 months.

As compensation, we’re offering the ideal candidate the title of Co-Founder and a 15% ownership stake vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff.


Threshold is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to bring Artists a sustainable, living wage. Our platform helps Artists of all kinds– musicians, authors, speakers, subject matter experts, or anyone else with a fan base– find their fans all over the world and put on events in their fans’ home or business.


**Threshold is a fully responsive Progressive Web App built with the explicit goal of making everything as fast and lightweight as possible.

**We received a top-tier grant into Google's startup program by the Dir. of Engineering and Head of Startup Programs who have both shown interest in the platform from a technical and cultural standpoint.

**We have established trademarks in the US and across 60+ other countries.

**The initial framework was developed by Henrik Joreteg. Henrik was the Sr. Architect on Starbucks’ recent PWA and is currently helping a Fortune 5 build theirs. A team of highly skilled Polish developers continued where Henrik left off and brought Threshold to beta–where it currently stands.

**We have extensive documentation, hours of screencasts, and architectural diagrams so it should be relatively straightforward to jump into the project.

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