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Conversations. Not Messages

Conversations. Not Messages

Threads+Bits is Earth's first social conversations platform.

Lazar Otasevic

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App producer, iOS master

Marq Short

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Full stack software engineer specializing in JavaScript. Have worked on applications using Node.js and frameworks like AngularJS, React, and Backbone
Software Developer. Javascript, Node.js, React, .NET, C#, Java, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Linux.
Tulane University Marketing/Management BSM content creation/marketing strategist

Deepak Ghosh

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Leadership, Product/P&L Management, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship | Poynt, Zume, Twilio, Amazon, Apple, Activision Blizzard | USC MSCS, Yale MBA

Co-Founding Software Engineer | iOS

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Co-Founding Software Engineer | Web

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