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Easiest way to share your Thoughts and Feelings with friends

Easiest way to share your Thoughts and Feelings with friends

How many times do we remember our friends for some reason and we let these moments get lost? And how good does it feel to know someone thought about us? With THOUGHTS we can let our friends know we are thinking about them, that they are present in our thoughts at that moment, without having to make a call, send a text message or write a single word. You can send a THOUGHT when you: .Want to let your loved one know your thinking about them; .Don't know what to write on your text message; .Are listening to a music that reminds of your friend; .Your friend is celebrating a special date; .Remember a friend you haven´t seen for a while; .Are out partying and remember your friend that couldn't come; .Feel you have to cheer up a friend; .Wake up and remember you dreamt of a friend; .Your friend goes for a job interview; .And many more... There are moments when sharing a THOUGHT may be better than sharing a thousand words. THOUGHTS, feels good to be remembered

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