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Thought Machine is a leading London FinTech company which works with banks to revolutionise the way banking technology is delivered to users. We are led by Paul Taylor, a serial entrepreneur and machine learning expert. In 2010, Paul sold his last company to Google, and subsequently led the Google speech technology team from London. Thought Machine was founded in 2014 and has built a world class team expert in cloud computing, machine learning, finance, design and app building.

We are expanding rapidly and are searching for a number of engineers for multiple roles including frontend, backend and infrastructure. As well as expanding our business team. We've put a lot of time into building a strong engineering team to build the next generation of banking software on modern cloud technologies; if you're excited about Go, Python, Kubernetes, gRPC, PostgreSQL or Cassandra then we'd love to speak with you.
If you're curious please get in touch with us and we'll tell you more!
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Technical Analyst

Thought Machine, one of the UK's leading fintech companies, is undergoing a period of rapid expansion and is looking to hire a number of candidates in the role of Technical Analysts. Our mission is to cure one of the banking industry's primary problems: its reliance on outdated IT...