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Thorn builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse



Rachel Robinson

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Worked at THORN

Kate Gantner

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Entreprenuerial spirit with global experience

Mike Ottum

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Andrew Shim

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Product engineer —friends with an Alaskan Malamute.

Bria King

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Senior Product Manager at THORN, building products that make a difference

Douglas Graves

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I've filled many roles: Web Developer & Designer, Game Developer & Designer & Producer, UX Designer, Engineering Manager, Creative Director, and Inventor.

Kevin Chevalier

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Software Engineer @ Thorn; MIT CS

Sarah Potts

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Using words and colors to communicate vision and impact through stories.

Jacob Gillespie

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Senior Software Engineer

Kristy Kosak

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Julie Cordua

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Background in start up & Fortune 100 wireless tech. Now helping to create social enterprises - (RED), Thorn.
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