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Healthy and Affordable Preprepared Meals. Delivered



Remhai Menelik

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Worked at Thistle. Went to St.John's University

Peter James

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Danielle Levy-Wolins

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Customer service, health and fitness oriented (M.S in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian and CrossFit coach.)

Amy Dong

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Hannah Trumbo

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Worked at Thistle

Madison Oie

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Pronounced ‘oy’! Growth strategist seeking to build a company I care for. I'm fascinated by sustainability’s role in modern culture.

Hayley Vetras

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Holistic nutrition consultant focused on women's health. Concierge supervisor at Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square.

Samantha Moullet

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Helen Lee

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Worked at Thistle. Went to University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Brett Thomas

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Board members and advisors

Business Intelligence, Big Data, Combat Search and Rescue Pilot..

Ash Kalb

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Co-Founder @Whiteops, @SingularityCo and more. Operator, investor, advisor, publisher of SF&F, very general counsel. I also fly airplanes and build robots.

Alap Shah

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Former team

Vanessa Bell

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Emily Sherratt

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Brett Thomas

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Evan Curhan

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Joel Barragan-Macias

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Dori Runyon

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