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Healthy and Affordable Preprepared Meals. Delivered


2 rounds




Ian Mouton

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Sr Eng Mgr @Atlassian, co-founder @Magdesign

Michael Klyszeiko

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Cole South

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Entrepreneur and investor. Formerly a professional poker player. Always looking for opportunities to work with positive people on projects that create value.

Serge Scrofani

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Extensive background in strategy, BD and M&A in the global healthcare sector.

Bedros Bedrosian

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Managing Partner, Leverage Marketing, Interim CEO Maria's Gourmet Kitchen, Founder BIRDVIEW, SaaS/Digital Media, Electrical Engineering @Northwestern University

Mike Dombrowski

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Helping Build InterPrime(interprime.co) - Leading Sales & Capital Markets/Trading.

Ahmed Husain

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Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. Advisor to European Family Offices and Private Clients. CS undergrad.

Tom Boyle

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Angel in consumer startups: Bohemian Guitars, Qoins. PlayOn. Advisor - Pagevamp; VP Coke, Colgate; Founder GTMnewsletter, TradeOut
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